Tesla’s Big Move: Plans To Build Car Plant In Monterrey Mexico Announced

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Tesla, the famed electric car maker, has announced plans to build a new car plant in Monterrey, Mexico. The move is a bold one for Tesla, which has traditionally focused its production efforts in the United States. The new plant will be the first of its kind for Tesla, and will represent a significant investment for the company. Not only that, but it could also have major implications for the automotive industry in Mexico and beyond. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Tesla chose to make this big move, what it means for the company’s future plans, and how it could potentially change the landscape of car manufacturing in Mexico and around the world.

Tesla’s current situation

Tesla’s current situation is that it is looking to build a car plant in Monterrey Mexico. The company is currently finalizing the purchase of a land plot in the city, and aims to break ground on the facility in 2019. The move comes as Tesla looks to ramp up production of its vehicles, particularly its new Model 3 sedan.

The proposed factory would be Tesla’s first outside the United States, and represents a major expansion for the company. It is also seen as a way to hedge against potential risks associated with production in China, where Tesla has plans to build a factory as well.

The news of Tesla’s plans was welcomed by Mexican officials, who see it as a vote of confidence in the country’s manufacturing sector. Monterrey is home to a number of large multinational companies, and has long been considered a hub for auto manufacturing.

Tesla’s expansion into Mexico is sure to be closely watched by the global automotive industry, as well as by investors in the company.

Why Tesla is moving to Mexico

Tesla’s move to Mexico has been widely criticized, but there are a number of reasons why the company is making the shift. First and foremost, Tesla is a company that is focused on innovation and growth. In order to continue expanding its operations, Tesla needs to be able to access new markets. By moving to Mexico, Tesla will be able to better serve its customers in Latin America. Additionally, Mexico offers a number of benefits that make it an attractive location for businesses, including low labor costs and proximity to the United States.

Tesla’s decision to move to Mexico is also likely influenced by the current political climate in the United States. The Trump administration has made it clear that it is not supportive of the electric car industry. This has led to concerns about Tesla’s future in the United States. By moving its operations to Mexico, Tesla can avoid any potential problems that may arise from the current political situation.

Overall, Tesla’s move to Mexico makes sense from a business perspective. The company will be able to access new markets and take advantage of lower labor costs. Additionally, by moving out of the United States, Tesla can avoid any potential problems that may arise from the current political climate.

What the new factory will entail

In order to keep up with the increasing demand for its vehicles, Tesla has announced plans to build a factory in Monterrey Mexico. The new factory will entail an investment of $4-5 billion and will be able to produce 500,000 cars per year. This is a big move for the company, which has so far only been manufacturing cars in the United States.

The new factory will allow Tesla to not only keep up with current demand, but also anticipate future demand. With production capacity of 500,000 cars per year, the Monterrey factory will play a key role in helping Tesla achieve its goal of delivering 1 million cars by 2020.

The factory will also create thousands of jobs in Mexico, both directly and indirectly. It is estimated that the construction of the factory will create 3,000 jobs, while the operation of the factory will create another 7,000 jobs. This is a welcome boost to the Mexican economy, which has been struggling in recent years.

Overall, this is a big move for Tesla and one that should help them meet their goal of becoming the world’s leading producer of electric vehicles.

How this will impact Tesla’s future

Tesla’s move to build a car plant in Monterrey Mexico is a big one. The plant will be built in an industrial park near the city, and will create around 2,000 jobs. Tesla plans to start production at the plant by 2019, with an initial production capacity of 150,000 cars per year.

The move is a big bet on Mexico’s manufacturing capabilities, and it could pay off big for Tesla. The country has a well-developed automotive industry, and its proximity to the US market makes it an attractive location for Tesla. The company is also taking advantage of Mexico’s lower labor costs to keep production costs down.

The new plant will allow Tesla to increase its production capacity significantly, which is key to meeting the growing demand for its vehicles. It also puts Tesla closer to its customers in Latin America, who are increasingly interested in electric vehicles.

The impact of this move on Tesla’s future is significant. It sets the stage for continued growth and expansion for the company, and position it as a major player in the global automotive market.


Tesla’s big move to build a car plant in Monterrey, Mexico marks an important milestone for the company. Not only will it be Tesla’s first plant in Mexico, but also its largest and most ambitious project yet. This new facility has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to Monterrey and could help fuel further growth within the entire automotive industry. With this announcement, Tesla is making a bold statement that they are serious about expanding their presence globally and taking over the auto market on an international level.

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