Newmont Makes A Big Move: What Does The $17B Newcrest Bid Mean For Gold Sector M&A Buzz

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This week, Newmont Mining made a big move with its $17 billion bid to buy Canadian gold mining giant Newcrest Mining. If successful, the move would be the largest ever acquisition in the gold industry and is sure to shake up the sector in more ways than one. But what does this huge deal mean for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) buzz in the gold sector and beyond? In this article, we’ll explore just that. We’ll look at what this means for gold sector M&A activity and consider how other companies may respond to Newmont’s move.

Newmont Mining Corporation’s recent $17 billion bid for Canadian gold mining company Newcrest Mining Ltd

The gold sector has been abuzz with M&A activity in recent months, and Newmont Mining Corporation’s $17 billion bid for Canadian gold mining company Newcrest Mining Ltd is the latest and biggest deal.

Newmont is already the world’s largest gold producer, and the acquisition of Newcrest would solidify its position even further. The combined company would have a portfolio of 23 operating mines and projects in 11 countries.

The all-cash offer of A$9.5 per share represents a premium of nearly 30% to Newcrest’s last closing price, and it is likely to be welcomed by shareholders. The deal still needs to be approved by regulators and shareholders, but if it goes through it will be the largest ever in the gold mining sector.

This is a bold move by Newmont, and it will be interesting to see if other major miners follow suit with their own acquisitions. consolidation in the gold mining sector could be a positive development as it would lead to cost savings and synergies. It remains to be seen if this deal happens though, and if so, how the market reacts.

What this means for the gold mining sector in terms of mergers and acquisitions

In recent years, there has been a lot of consolidation in the gold mining sector as companies look to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. The Newmont-Newcrest deal is the latest and largest example of this trend.

This deal will create the world’s largest gold miner with a market value of around $US30 billion. It also signals that further consolidation in the sector is likely as companies look to bulk up and take advantage of synergies.

The deal is also likely to reignite M&A activity in the sector, which has been relatively quiet in recent years. Other miners will now be looking at their options and considering whether they need to make a move in order to remain competitive.

Overall, this is positive news for the gold mining sector. The increased consolidation will lead to more efficient operations and lower costs, which should benefit shareholders. The renewed M&A activity will also add some much-needed excitement to the sector.

The implications of this move on the gold market

  1. The implications of this move on the gold market are both significant and far-reaching. The all-cash offer by Newmont for a reported $2.3B to acquire Canadian gold miner, Newcrest, signals a new era of consolidation in the gold sector as miners seek to increase economies of scale in the face of lower gold prices. This move also comes on the heels of other recent major gold sector M&A activity, including Barrick Gold’s $6B acquisition of Randgold Resources and Goldcorp’s $10B merger with Newmont earlier this year.

The market reaction to this news has been fairly muted thus far, with gold prices hovering around $1,280/oz. However, some analysts believe that this deal could be a catalyst for further M&A activity in the sector and that it could put upward pressure on gold prices in the longer term as consolidation among major miners reduces overall supply. For now, though, it remains to be seen how this latest development will play out in the months and years ahead.

Newmont’s strategy going forward

Newmont’s recent bid to take over Newcrest Mining has sent shockwaves through the gold mining sector, with many wondering what this move could mean for future M&A activity.

While there is no guarantee that Newmont’s takeover bid will be successful, it does signal that the company is serious about consolidation in the gold mining sector. This is likely to put pressure on other gold miners to consider their own strategic options, in order to remain competitive.

There have been a number of mega-mergers in the gold mining sector in recent years, including Barrick Gold’s takeover of Randgold Resources and Newmont’s own merger with Goldcorp. If Newmont’s bid for Newcrest is successful, it would create the world’s largest gold miner, with a market value of over $100 billion.

This would be a huge boon for shareholders, as well as for the employees of both companies. It would also be good news for the global economy, as a stronger gold mining sector would lead to increased investment and growth.


The US gold giant Newmont Mining has made a big move in the sector with its proposed $17 billion bid to acquire Australia-based Newcrest. The offer has sent ripples through the industry, as other miners are now likely to follow suit and increase their M&A activities. For investors, this could mean more opportunities for value creation through mergers and acquisitions across the gold sector, creating attractive opportunities for long-term capital gains. With an increased focus on M&A activity in the sector, investors may wish to pay close attention over how these deals progress and what they can potentially get out of them.

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