Literature’s Champion: LeVar Burton Steps in as National Book Awards Host

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LeVar Burton, renowned as the host of “Reading Rainbow,” has now stepped into a new chapter of his illustrious career as the host of the esteemed National Book Awards. In this article, we’ll explore LeVar Burton’s journey from “Reading Rainbow” to the National Book Awards, where he continues to champion literature, diversity, and the joy of reading.

LeVar Burton: A Beacon for Reading

LeVar Burton’s impact on the world of reading is immeasurable. For over two decades, he served as the host of “Reading Rainbow,” a beloved television show that inspired generations to dive into the world of books. His warm and encouraging presence motivated countless children to explore the wonders of reading. His dedication to instilling a love of books has left an indelible mark.

The National Book Awards: A Celebration of Literary Excellence

The National Book Awards, presented by the National Book Foundation, stand as a pinnacle of literary excellence in the United States. Every year, this prestigious event honors outstanding works in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and young people’s literature. It is a platform that celebrates the written word and its profound impact on our society.

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LeVar Burton’s Significance as Host

LeVar Burton’s appointment as the host of the National Book Awards holds tremendous significance for several compelling reasons:

1. A Lifelong Advocate for Literacy

LeVar Burton’s advocacy for literacy has been a constant throughout his career. In an age where traditional books sometimes compete with digital media, his role as host underscores the timeless significance of reading. He serves as a beacon for the enduring power of the written word.

2. An Unwavering Champion of Diversity

LeVar Burton has been a resolute champion of diversity and inclusivity in literature. He has used his influential platform to advocate for books that embrace a wide spectrum of voices and experiences. His role as host amplifies the call for greater diversity and inclusivity in the world of literature.

3. An Inspiration for the Next Generation

LeVar Burton possesses an extraordinary ability to connect with young readers and kindle a love for books. His presence as the host of the National Book Awards acts as a wellspring of inspiration for the next generation of writers, readers, and storytellers. As they see someone they admire deeply connected to the world of books, young minds are emboldened to explore literature and contribute their unique voices to the narrative.

4. Elevating the National Book Awards

LeVar Burton’s involvement as the host not only pays homage to his significant contributions to literature but also elevates the profile of the National Book Awards. His hosting brings more attention to the awards and the exceptional books that are recognized, emphasizing the importance of literary excellence.

LeVar Burton’s Vision for the National Book Awards

LeVar Burton envisions the National Book Awards as a platform to celebrate literature and the authors who craft stories. He aims to emphasize the importance of storytelling and its profound role in our culture. By hosting the event, he breathes life into this vision, encouraging a broader audience to appreciate the power of stories.


LeVar Burton’s transition from the beloved host of “Reading Rainbow” to the prestigious role of hosting the National Book Awards is more than just a change in his career; it signifies his unwavering commitment to literature, literacy, and the joy of reading. As he takes the stage at the National Book Awards, he continues to be a beacon for the world of literature, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of readers both young and old. His legacy is one of celebrating the enduring power of the written word, proving that he is not just a host but a true champion of literature.

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