How A Perfumer Is Drawing On Her Māori Heritage To Create Unique Scents

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The scent of a perfume can tell a story, evoke an emotion and connect us with cultures, memories and places. It’s no surprise then that one perfumer is using her Māori heritage to create unique scents that capture the spirit of Aotearoa. Meet Sian Rangi: a Māori perfumer and co-founder of Pōhutukawa Perfumes. She has spent three years perfecting the art of creating unique fragrances, drawing on her own heritage as well as stories from her community to craft truly extraordinary scents. This post will look at how she is doing this work and how you can incorporate traditional Māori ingredients into your own scent creations.

Meet Kura Rangi, perfumer and creator of unique scents

Kura Rangi is a perfumer and creator of unique scents. Born in New Zealand, she is of Māori descent. Rangi grew up surrounded by the scents of her homeland: the rainforest, the ocean, and the flowers. These smells inspired her to create her own line of natural perfumes, which she makes using essential oils and absolutes extracted from plants.

Rangi’s scents are based on her memories of growing up in New Zealand. For example, one of her most popular fragrances, Kura’s Rainforest, is inspired by the smell of the rainforest after a rainfall. Another scent, Kura’s Ocean, captures the freshness of the ocean breeze.

Rangi’s goal is to create natural perfumes that evoke the beauty and mystery of her homeland. She hopes that her scents will help people connect with nature, and with their own memories and emotions.

What inspires Kura Rangi in her work?

Kura Rangi is a perfumer from New Zealand who is inspired by her Māori heritage. She grew up surrounded by the natural world and has always been drawn to its beauty. Her work is an expression of her love for nature and her desire to create unique scents that reflect her culture.

Kura Rangi believes that perfume should be an extension of one’s personality. She strives to create blends that are both beautiful and evocative, capturing the essence of her homeland. The scents she creates are meant to inspire and uplift the wearer, providing a connection to the land of her ancestors.

Kura Rangi’s work is informed by her deep knowledge of traditional Māori plant medicine. She uses this wisdom to create natural perfumes that are healing and spiritually nourishing. For Kura Rangi, perfume is more than just a pleasant scent; it is an opportunity to connect with the land and share the beauty of her culture with the world.

How does Kura Rangi create her scents?

Kura Rangi, a Māori perfumer, is drawing on her heritage to create unique scents. Her scents are inspired by the plants and animals of her homeland, New Zealand. She sources all of her ingredients from local suppliers, and uses traditional methods to extract their essences. This ensures that each of her creations is truly one-of-a-kind.

Rangi’s scents are not only beautiful, but also have meaning. Each one is associated with a particular element of Māori culture or history. For example, one of her most popular fragrances, ‘Ngā Uruora o Papatūānuku’ (The Treasures of Mother Earth), is inspired by the importance of respect for the natural world in Māori tradition.

Rangi’s scents are perfect for anyone who wants to connect with their own cultural heritage, or simply enjoy a unique and beautiful fragrance.

What are some of Kura Rangi’s most popular scents?

Some of Kura Rangi’s most popular scents include Manuka Honey, Kiwifruit, and Pohutukawa. Manuka honey is a unique honey found only in New Zealand that has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Kiwifruit is a sweet and tart fruit that is native to New Zealand. Pohutukawa is a native New Zealand tree that has red flowers that bloom in December.

How can you purchase Kura Rangi’s scents?

Kura Rangi is a range of unique scents created by New Zealand perfumer Katie James. Drawing on her Māori heritage, Katie has created a range of scents that are inspired by the natural world of New Zealand. The Kura Rangi range includes both traditional and contemporary scents, all of which are available to purchase online.

To purchase Kura Rangi scents, simply visit the website and browse the range of scents on offer. Once you have found the scent you wish to purchase, add it to your basket and checkout. All orders over $75 will be eligible for free shipping within New Zealand. For international orders, please contact us for a shipping quote.


It’s amazing to see how creative people can be when it comes to expressions of their identity. Perfumer Elizabeth Anderson-Māori has crafted a unique scent that draws on her Māori heritage, and the results are truly beautiful. Not only does this special fragrance stand out from other options in the perfumery world, but it also pays tribute to Elizabeth’s ancestry and culture in an incredibly meaningful way. We hope that more creatives will continue to use their heritage as inspiration for new works and ideas!

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