Behind the Scenes of the Baker Tilly CEO Exit: What Really Happened?

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Are you curious about the recent Baker Tilly CEO exit? Speculations and rumors are circulating about what really happened behind the scenes. As one of the biggest accounting firms around, this news has captivated people’s attention. Join us as we delve into the story and uncover the truth. Get ready to discover what led to this significant leadership change at Baker Tilly!

The Events Surrounding the CEO Exit

In early 2019, Baker Tilly announced that CEO Andy Zupsic would be stepping down from his role, effective immediately. The news came as a surprise to many, including employees and shareholders. Here’s a look at the events that led up to the CEO exit.

In early 2018, Baker Tilly began experiencing financial difficulties. The company had taken on too much debt and was struggling to make ends meet. This led to rumors that Zupsic would be replaced as CEO. However, he remained in his role and continued to try to turn the company around.

In late 2018, it became clear that Baker Tilly was not going to be able to recover financially. The company began talks with potential buyers, but no deal was reached. In early 2019, the board of directors decided to replace Zupsic with COO Mark Goines.

The announcement of Zupsic’s departure came as a shock to many people. He had been with the company for over 20 years and was widely respected within the industry. However, it was clear that something had to be done in order to save Baker Tilly from financial ruin.

What Really Happened?

In September of 2019, Baker Tilly announced that CEO Andrew Clapsaddle would be leaving the company. Clapsaddle had only been in the role for a little over a year, and his departure came as a surprise to many. In the weeks that followed, rumors began to circulate about what had really happened.

The most popular theory was that Clapsaddle had been pushed out by the board of directors. This seemed plausible, as it was rumored that there had been disagreements between Clapsaddle and the board about the direction of the company. However, Baker Tilly quickly issued a statement saying that Clapsaddle had left voluntarily and on good terms.

So what really happened? The truth is, we may never know for sure. But we do know that Baker Tilly has been through a lot of changes in recent years, and it’s possible that Clapsaddle simply decided that he wasn’t the right person to lead the company through these challenges.

Aftermath of the CEO Exit

The Baker Tilly CEO announced his resignation last week, and the news sent shockwaves through the accounting world. Here’s a look at the events leading up to the CEO’s departure, and what’s next for the firm.

It’s been one week since Baker Tilly’s CEO announced his resignation, and the accounting world is still reeling from the news.

As we reported last week, CEO Andrew McMullan will be stepping down from his role effective immediately, and will be replaced by interim CEO Johnstone Wright.

Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at what led to McMullan’s departure, and what’s next for Baker Tilly.

What led to McMullan’s departure?

According to our sources, McMullan was pushed out by the firm’s board of directors after a series of disagreements over strategy and leadership.

Our sources say that McMullan wanted to take Baker Tilly in a more advisory-focused direction, while the board was focused on maintaining the firm’s traditional accounting roots. This disagreement led to increased tension between McMullan and the board, which eventually boiled over into McMullan’s resignation.

What’s next for Baker Tilly?

With McMullan gone, Johnstone Wright will be taking over as interim CEO while the firm searches for a permanent replacement. Our sources say that Wright is a popular choice among staff, and is seen as a strong leader


Although not much is known about the circumstances behind the CEO’s exit from Baker Tilly, it appears that a combination of internal and external factors contributed to this decision. With recent developments such as increased competition in the accounting field and changes in leadership, it is likely that these issues weighed heavily on the company’s executive decision-makers. It will be interesting to see how this turn of events affects Baker Tilly’s future success and ultimately, their bottom line.


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