Announcing Plazacore, the Snazziest New Fad on TikTok

Imagine you’re Eloise, and it’s time to play dress up.

For the past few years, it seems as though TikTok has more influence in the fashion zeitgeist than runways do, particularly when it comes to esoteric trends. Plazacore is a good example because it demonstrates the above. This preppy style, named after the beloved children’s book heroine Eloise (who, of course, resides at New York’s Plaza Hotel), is all over social feeds.

Consider a wardrobe dominated by tweed, hair bows and headbands, collared tops, and timeless cuts. You could say that Blair Waldorf has returned to her throne on the Upper East Side, but with a slightly modernized (yet still preppy!) style. I can tell you that this latest style is as refined and stylish as they come, even if you weren’t the biggest Gossip Girl fashion stan when the program originally aired nearly 15 years ago (!).

However, your surroundings might also play a role in Plazacore because it is an entire “aesthetic.” TikTok stars like @prettylittlefawn and @thesandraduran are among the influencers who have really visited the landmark property to film video. The videos are entertaining inspo, though you can easily replicate the atmosphere with the aid of a green screen or by visiting the lobby of the next posh hotel.

The good news for those who wish to embrace the Plazacore aesthetic this season is that it’s not just TikTok stars riffing on Eloise who have taken note of the trend. Grab some pearls, an old tweed coat, and a Peter Pan collar from your grandmother’s closet. The fad has reached critical mass and is now seen everywhere.

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