3 Eye Drops That Are Recalled

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Have you been experiencing discomfort or irritation in your eyes? If so, you may have reached for eye drops to alleviate the symptoms. However, not all eye drops are created equal. In fact, some popular brands have recently been recalled due to potential health risks. Don’t panic though! We’ve got everything you need to know about these three recalled eye drop products and what alternatives you can use instead. Read on to learn more!

Bausch + Lomb UroLens Daily Cleaner

Bausch + Lomb UroLens Daily Cleaner is an all-in-one lens cleaning solution that has been recalled due to reports of eye irritation. This product is for daily use and contains a unique blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, and wetting agents that clean lenses without leaving a film. The recall was issued after several users reported experiencing redness, itching, burning, and tearing after using the product. If you have this product, discontinue use immediately and contact Bausch + Lomb for a refund or replacement.

GenTeal Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

The FDA has recalled GenTeal Tears Lubricant Eye Drops due to potentially harmful bacterial contamination. The recalled product was sold in 0.5 oz. and 1 oz. bottles with expiration dates of June 2017 or earlier. If you have this product, you should stop using it immediately and return it to the place of purchase for a refund.

Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops

If you use Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops, you should be aware that the product has been recalled. According to a press release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recall is due to “the potential for microbial contamination.”

If you have any of the affected product, you should stop using it immediately and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. For more information, you can contact Alcon Customer Service at 1-800-757-9195.

How to safely use eye drops

If you have any eye drops that are recalled, it is important to follow these instructions on how to safely use them:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Remove the cap from the bottle and tilt your head back.

3. Squeeze the prescribed number of drops into your eye.

4. Close your eyes and apply pressure for two minutes.

5. Repeat the process in your other eye if necessary.

6. Replace the cap on the bottle and wash your hands again.

How to know if your eye drop is recalled

If you have purchased an over-the-counter eye drop within the last few years, there’s a chance it may have been recalled. In July 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that multiple types of eye drops and ointments were being recalled due to possible bacterial contamination. This included products from Bausch + Lomb, CVS Health, Walgreens, and other brands.

If you’re not sure if your eye drop is part of the recall, you can check the FDA’s website for a list of all the affected products. The agency is also urging people to stop using any recalled eye drops or ointments immediately and contact their healthcare provider if they’ve experienced any problems after using them.


The recall of these three eye drops highlights how important it is to be aware of the medication you are taking and where it comes from. It’s essential that we follow safety measures and guidelines when using medications, especially for our eyes, which are delicate organs with high risks if something goes wrong. We hope that this article has been informative in helping readers stay up-to-date on recalled products as well as understanding what steps they should take if they have any questions regarding their medications.

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